"Living in Sierra Leone is what pushed me to do nursing. You really see just how critical healthcare is in places where it is severely lacking and the difference a healthcare worker can make to the community."

“I recently had a ‘first in the world’ moment, where I gave a drug to a patient which had never been administered. It is so exciting to be part of an organisation that drives world leading research.”

"There is so much support in this hospital. The nurses we work with are always grateful when they are able to delegate tasks to RUSONs. It works well both ways, we can reduce their workload while also developing our own nursing skills."

"I see the panic and fear on patients’ faces when I first introduce myself on their surgery day, but at the end of the day they say: ‘That wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be’. This reaction is an instant priceless reward for all the hard work I do in a day to support them."

"I remember my first shift at Peter Mac. I felt instantly at home."

"Palliative care is a job where you get invited into a family’s most intimate moments and it is a real privilege."

" What I love about my role at Peter Mac @ Home is the relationships I’ve built with patients. I consider getting to know them and their families an honour."

"I love being a nurse, you never stop learning. There are never two days that are alike. It is a constant challenge, even after 23 years."

"A good bedside nurse is an advocate for the patient, ensuring they receive the best possible care from all members of the multidisciplinary team."

"I am proud to say I have worked for 34 years at Peter Mac. I am passionate about helping and giving advice to patients for the proper care of their wounds."

"Healthcare is vital, interesting and ever-changing. Every day, nursing provides me with the opportunity to directly support the wellbeing of other people."

"I am always amazed at the bond we share and appreciate the trust patients have in me to care for them."

"There is no denying that we see and hear about sad things in our work, but honestly, the resilience and positive attitude of the patients that we meet is truly amazing."

"To quote the Dali Lama: ‘When you talk, you are only repeating what you know. But when you listen you may learn something new’. This sums up what keeps me inspired to work in the field of oncology."

"Specialist nursing and looking after patients at that level always interested me. I feel it is the best of both worlds - I have opportunity to educate and engage with the patients, and equally, to support other staff to look after the patient."

"I don’t think I ever considered nursing until I got diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2010 and was treated by the Peter Mac team. I think the care that I received and seeing how passionate, supportive and kind they were, inspired me to want to give back to others and make a difference."

"Every nurse inspires me each day and I am very proud of all my colleagues. It is a great privilege caring for patients and their families at such a vulnerable time."